Washboard 101

Washboard 101 is designed for people who want to explore playing  rhythms on the washboard. The session will be a non-technical approach to rhythm basics, using this versatile instrument. During the learnshop we will learn and play various rhythms, practice washboard accompaniment (playing along with vocals and guitar), and explore some ways this simple instrument can be used in jam groups, classrooms, and performances. We will also explore ways to use the washboard as a starting point for writing exercises and role-play games for kids. Each participant will get a folder of applications and activities, as well as a small sized washboard and finger picks to take home.


Dates Times Break Total Hours
July 20th 9:30am – 12:30pm NA 3 hours


INSTRUCTOR Erin Fitzgerald (a.k.a. A Girl Named Earl)
LOCATION Appalachian Center-205 N. Main St.
PRICE $50.00 (Includes small washboard, finger picks, and activities folder.)
AGE 12 & Up

A washboard will be provided for each participant. If anyone would like to bring any other small percussion items, please feel free. Be ready to move around and play some music. (No one will be put on the spot to play anything solo in front of others. Activities will involve small group sections playing different parts.)

NOTE TO EDUCATORS:  Educators attending this session will receive a handout of Common Core standards addressed, cross-curricular connection possibilities, a resource list, suggested classroom activities based on skills and concepts covered in session, and a certificate of participation for professional development documentation.

Map & Location

Erin Fitzgerald (a.k.a. A Girl Named Earl)

At heart, Erin Fitzgerald is storyteller.  As a musician, she is proficient on guitar, dulcimer, vocals, and washboard.  Put that together and you have A Girl Named Earl, the name used for her solo performances. Living in Louisville, she often performs with various local and regional musicians at community events, on porches, and in living rooms.  She also plays with her twin sister (Jenrose) in a group that has become known as the Twisted Sisters.

A Girl Named Earl is a self-described music nerd, and is passionate about helping others find their niche in musical expression.  She believes anyone who wants to play music, can.  She facilitates music and songwriting workshops where participants are encouraged to find their rhythm and explore the power within their own voices.

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